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Value proposition

EasyVest is an automated, robo-advisor investment solution powered by Access Softek, Inc. that seamlessly integrates with a credit union’s online/mobile banking platforms, offers convenient access and easy entry into investing for members, and provides a simple way for credit unions to open a new revenue stream and better compete with national banks and fintechs.


  • Provides the services of a personal banker via automation and algorithm-based financial planning services.
  • Gives credit unions a tool to tap into the $73 trillion investment market and provide wealth-building services traditionally dominated by investment firms, fintechs and large national banks. Elevates the perception of the credit union as a full-service, modern financial institution.
  • Helps credit unions realize a new and attractive revenue stream by offering EasyVest as a complement to an existing wealth management program or as a new solution.
  • Lowers investment barriers, allowing members to start with as little as $200 and to easily establish recurring transfers from their checking or savings account directly into their investment account.
  • Targets investors who prefer digital options and those previously neglected market segments, such as low-dollar investors and younger generations, including investors of any generation who want to grow their savings or retirement funds but cannot afford to or want to work with human investment advisors.
  • Free for credit unions beyond initial setup and implementation. Members pay annual fees that are generally lower than those paid when a human advisor is involved.

How does it work?

EasyVest directly integrates with credit unions’ online and mobile banking platforms. Members can easily access the tool and begin investing with whatever minimum amount a credit union chooses. EasyVest allows members to set up recurring payments, easily transfer funds between accounts, and view their investments accounts in the same menu as their checking and savings accounts.

Key features

  • Seamlessly integrated within online and mobile banking apps
  • Offers a set of APIs that work with any online or mobile platform
  • Customizable features and rules
  • Individually customized portfolios range from conservative to aggressive
  • Ability for users to easily move funds from another financial institution
  • Investors can choose green and socially conscious investment options
  • Users can invest small amounts and own fractional shares for a nominal fee