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Recent News

06/18/2018 -- On April 24, the Governance Framework Formation Team unveiled its draft governance framework design for a new organization to be named the U.S. Faster Payments Council. This design remains a work in progress, with a number of open issues. Read more.

06/13/2018 -- On May 11, the FFIEC released updates to the BSA/AML Examination Manual, coinciding with the Applicability Date of the Final Rule. It is imperative that all BSA/AML and Compliance professionals obtain the FFIEC updates as they form the basis for your federal and state examinations. Read more.

5/31/2018 -- Corporate One’s April 2018 unaudited financials 5310 report are now available. View the April Unaudited Financials and 5310 report.

05/30/2018 -- Still thinking your credit union can’t accept public fund deposits? Public fund deposits are an acceptable and viable funding option for all federally insured credit unions, regardless of whether you are federally or state chartered. Learn more in this on-demand webinar.

05/23/2018 -- After facing numerous problems with their previous account-opening product, Achieva’s mission of providing good user experiences is back on track since implementing our digital new member acquisition solution, Gro. Read more.

Accolade’s significant growth over the last five years now has provided the opportunity for Joe to turn his attention fulltime toward this CUSO. Read more.

05/14/2018 -- At our annual meeting on April 26, Corporate One highlighted our 2017 achievements, announced the results of the election of directors, and shared our vision for the rest of 2018 and beyond. Read more.

05/09/2018 -- The new CDD Rule is the most important change in the BSA/AML industry in decades, and it goes into effect on Friday, May 11. Read more.

5/4/2018 -- Corporate One’s First Quarter 2018 unaudited financials and March 5310 report are now available. View the First Quarter Unaudited Financials and March 5310 report.

04/24/2018 -- Last year’s national member event was a huge success, and if you didn’t attend, we want you to come see what all the excitement was about! Registration is now open for this year’s event, a one-of-a-kind, two-day member conference, which will once again be in the heart of Music City: Nashville, Tennessee. Read more.

UPDATED 04/23/18 -- Corporate One today released its full 2017 Annual Financial Report, complete with the Management's Discussion and Analysis, as well as the audited financials and footnotes. Thanks to the continued support of members nationwide, Corporate One recorded $13.1 million in net income in 2017, for a total regulatory capital position of more than $294.8 million as of Dec. 31, 2017.