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Real-time payments offer many new benefits for consumers and financial institutions alike. Our info center examines those benefits and takes a closer look at the evolution of the payments world and how real-time payments are becoming the future of the industry. Featuring articles, webinars and infographics created by Corporate One, the U.S. Faster Payments Council, and The Clearing House, this info center will help your credit union discover more about the benefits of real-time payments and learn how to get connected to real-time payments opportunities.

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A Deep Dive Into the FedNow® Service webinar
Top 5 Questions about the FedNow® Service and Instant Payments
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RTP Network by the Numbers - Q1
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Getting on Track on the Real-Time Payments Rail

Adding a new rail to your payments strategy can seem overwhelming. You have to create your plan and then determine how best to operationalize it, including processing payments in an “always on” environment. We’ve created a roadmap to make getting on board the newest payment rail in over forty years as simple as possible. This session walks you through the four decision points your credit union will face when implementing real-time payments, provide a plan of action to get your credit union started, guide you through the real-time payment settlement and reconciliation process, and share how a Funding Agent can help you ease the burden of processing payments all day, every day.

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Implementing RTP® from a Credit Union’s Perspective

Gain some fresh perspective from a financial institution that has implemented the RTP® Network using a Third-Party Service Provider. Hear from a financial institution to learn from their experiences and lessons learned as well as how they see immediate payments being user in their organization in the short and long term.

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A Deep Dive into the FedNow® Service webinar

The FedNow Service, recently launched by The Federal Reserve, has generated significant excitement among credit unions. This webinar discusses its successes and future plans, offering insights for financial institutions to make informed decisions in navigating the new instant payment rail.

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Catching up on the RTP® Network with The Clearing House and Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union webinar

Explore how credit unions and their members are using real-time payments. Gain insights and strategies from Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union on leveraging the benefits of real-time payments and their future growth plans within the RTP network.

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Operational Considerations for Instant Payments Guidelines

The Operational Considerations for Instant Payments Guidelines serve as a primer for operational considerations for receiving instant payments, offering high-level insights on priorities to consider when adopting this new method of receipt. The primer is meant to provide a springboard for credit unions to plan the journey to faster payments adoption by providing high-level insights into the various areas for consideration.

U.S. Faster Payments Council | October 2023Read More
Tips for understanding how to manage 24/7/365 liquidity

The round-the-clock, year-round availability of immediate payments might appear intimidating, but with a few tips, you can gain a better understanding of how your credit union's back-office operations will change once you introduce one or both of the new payment rails.

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President and CEO Melissa Ashley and ACI Worldwide CEO Thomas Warsop Discuss Partnership on CUbroadcast

During an interview on CUbroadcast, President and CEO Melissa Ashley and ACI Worldwide CEO Thomas Warsop revealed their thoughts about the strategic partnership between Corporate One and ACI Worldwide and what it means for America’s credit unions.

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Corporate One and CU*Answers Partner to Expand Real-Time Payments for Credit Unions

Corporate One and CU*Answers have partnered to expand the accessibility of real-time payments for credit unions across the nation. CU*Answers will leverage Corporate One’s Third-Party Service Provider for the RTP® network solution to establish a technical RTP connection that their credit union clients can easily leverage so they can receive real-time payments. Read more.

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Corporate One and ACI Worldwide Partner to Bring Comprehensive Immediate Payments Access to Credit Unions on Both the RTP® network and the FedNow® Service

Through the partnership, Corporate One will extend its open payment platform solution that technically connects credit unions and those in the industry to the RTP network to also connect to the FedNow Service.

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Federal Reserve: Corporate One among 57 early adopters ready to provide services when the FedNowSM Service goes live in July

The Federal Reserve announced that Corporate One is among the 57 early adopters of the FedNow Service and is prepared to provide credit unions with settlement and cash management services when the FedNow Service goes live in July.

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President and CEO Melissa Ashley Shares FedNow Insights on CUbroadcast

President and CEO Melissa Ashley recently provided insights on the highly anticipated launch of the FedNowSM Service in an interview with Michael Lawson from CUbroadcast. She also discussed the recent addition of Corporate One to the FedNow Service Provider Showcase.

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Fundamentals of the RTP® network and the FedNow Service Webinar

Get ready for a U.S. payments transformation as RTP and FedNow are on the way to becoming commonplace. Before choosing which one your credit union will participate in, you should understand the basics. What are the benefits of RTP and FedNow? What transaction types are supported on the RTP and FedNow networks? We’ll examine key features and benefits, including a high-level overview of how transactions flow, funds availability, use cases and legal framework. Walk away with an understanding of the fundamentals of these instant payment systems.

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Corporate One Featured in Federal Reserve’s FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase

Corporate One is now featured in the FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase. This online resource is designed to connect financial institutions looking to adopt and innovate upon the FedNow Service with service providers offering instant payment solutions.

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ACI Worldwide Certified on FedNow, Integrating Corporate One on ACI Real-Time Payments Cloud

Corporate One has secured an agreement with ACI Worldwide to integrate instant payment services on FedNow via ACI’s Real-Time Payments Cloud to reach credit unions across the country.

ACI Worldwide | May 2023Read More
Immediate Payments Timeline

Corporate One has been at the forefront of the immediate payments revolution, providing credit unions with advanced payment solutions and driving industry-wide innovation.  

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Get ready for the FedNowSM Service Video

People and businesses want to be able to send and receive money with a single click. According to a recent Federal Reserve survey, two-thirds of consumers and three out of four businesses believe their bank or credit union must offer faster payments.

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Exploring the benefits of instant payments: A primer

Instant payments have several characteristics that make them attractive in the digital economy.

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Readiness roadmap: For financial institutions working with service providers

Credit unions may consider collaborating with service providers to implement and operationalize instant payments with the FedNowSM Service. You can use this guide to figure out how to involve service providers in your planning.

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Request for payment is a powerful instant payments tool

The request for payment (RFP) feature of an instant payment can simplify the process when one party needs to be paid by another quickly.

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Managing liquidity in an instant payments world

Credit unions must maintain sufficient funds or available credit in their accounts because payments will process and settle 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the FedNowSM Service. Read more to learn what this means for your credit union and how transfers for liquidity management will operate.

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RTP vs. FedNow Service: What immediate payments rail should your credit union choose?

What is the best immediate payments rail for credit unions: RTP or FedNow Service? Take a look at our four decision points to help you decide.

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Empower your credit union with real-time payments: On-demand webinar

Corporate One offers a new payment solution called CU Corporate RTP that allows credit unions to easily send immediate payments through The Clearing House's RTP network without needing to enroll as a network participant. This on-demand webinar demonstrates how our newest payments solution can harness the power of immediate payments for your credit union.

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FedNow FraudClassifierSM Model

The FraudClassifier model offers a simple method for categorizing fraud. In addition, it provides a comprehensive picture to aid credit unions in better comprehending the scope of payment-related fraud.

The Federal Reserve | April 2023Read More
Immediate payments: Readiness guides and checklists

The importance of getting your credit union connected to an immediate payment rail continues to grow. The RTP® network’s real-time payment capabilities are already accessible to financial institutions that hold 75% of U.S. demand deposit accounts, and that number will likely increase when the FedNowSM service becomes operational later this year.

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Outlining the benefits and use cases of immediate payments: An overview

Increased access to immediate payments and growing demand continue to drive forward the migration of payments from just “faster” to immediate. With the imminent launch of the industry’s second new immediate payment rail on the horizon later this year, the Federal Reserve’s new FedNowSM Service, now is the time to consider integrating instant payments into your credit union’s suite of products and services if you haven’t already done so.

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Risk and Fraud Management: Real-Time Payments Governance

The immediacy at which a payment routes and settles on the RTP® network offers credit unions new opportunities to reimagine their business and serve members in enhanced and different ways. However, these speedy new opportunities raise questions from financial institutions about the potential risk and fraud involved with immediate payment settlement.

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Considering immediate payments? 4 steps to take now

Advances in technology have changed your members’ expectations for speed and convenience. Today, everyone, including businesses, wants to send and receive money in an instant, and they’re turning to alternative payment services that can do just that. In fact, nearly two-thirds of businesses indicate that access to faster payments will factor into any decision to switch banks in the future, and nine in 10 businesses expect to be able to initiate and receive faster payments by 2023.

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Essential Elements of Real-time Payments

Since The Clearing House launched its RTP® network in 2017 and the Federal Reserve plans to introduce its service in 2023, real-time payments have gained momentum.

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ePay Presents Innovation in Payments Award to Corporate One and Sherpa

Corporate One and Sherpa Technologies are proud recipients of this year’s ePayResources Innovation in Payments Award, honoring achievement in developing or implementing innovative payments solutions, or tools and resources that facilitate industry adoption of emerging payments solutions.

CU Times | March 2022Read more
Credit Unions Dip Toes in RTPs, Crypto

Credit Union Times spoke with Corporate One Federal Credit Union President/CEO Melissa Ashley and Sherpa Technologies President/CEO Keith Riddle about the RTP imperative, why credit unions need to begin their strategy now, and what it will mean to be left out.

CU Times | February 2022Read More
Three lessons learned from credit union early adopters of RTP

Over 150 financial institutions, including all major US banks and 27 credit unions, actively participate in The Clearing House's Real-Time Payments (RTP) service. Here is what those organizations learned.

Faster Payments Council | January 2022Read More
EPCOR Payments Innovation Award Winner: Corporate One and Sherpa Technologies

Corporate One and our CUSO Sherpa are pleased to be recognized by EPCOR with the Payments Innovation Award for our leadership in real-time payments.

EPCOR | October 2021Read more
The FedNowSM Service brings significant benefits to financial institutions

The FedNowSM Service, an instant payment platform currently under development by the Federal Reserve, will bring significant benefits to financial institutions and their customers – consumers, businesses and other organizations. Because this is an all-new payment infrastructure, your readers may find it helpful to understand how it will work. This video explains the FedNow Service payment flow, including examples of how it will work in common payment transactions.

The Federal Reserve | April 2021Read More
Considering a TPSP in your real-time payments journey

It’s no secret that real-time payments offer numerous benefits not only for consumers but also for financial institutions alike. Some of the ways financial institutions benefit from real-time payments include the speed, immediacy, and irreversibility of a payment, the ability to consume contextual data (information about the payment that doesn’t detach throughout the payment process), and the ability to facilitate a new request for payment (RFP).

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Three Ways Real-Time Payments Benefits Your Credit Union

You’ve heard about real-time payments but how do they actually benefit your credit union? Here are three ways immediate payments can impact your business and help reimagine the service you offer members and business partners.

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RTP Use Cases Infographic

As the market migrates to real time, business cases for faster payments include immediate consumer-to-consumer money movement (P2P and A2A), consumer bill payment, business disbursements, enhanced payroll support for select employee groups (SEGs), and accelerated loan disbursement and payment use cases.

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20022: An Introduction

What is ISO 20022? Why are there so many payment articles about ISO 20022? Does my credit union need to become an expert in ISO 20022 to be ready for faster payments?

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