Robust back-office efficiencies will help you maximize member satisfaction.

Share draft processing is the payment backbone of any credit union, regardless of size. Our share draft solution is flexible and powerful, so you can provide your members with personalized access to their funds while maximizing back-office efficiencies. Offered through our TranzCapture platform, which also includes remote deposit capture services for consolidation of all item processing, members can process returns, count on robust reporting, and conveniently access same-day images in a seven-year archive.

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  • Consolidate in-clearing
  • Streamline check-processing operations, including reconciliation
  • Increase back-office efficiencies
  • Increase member satisfaction


  • Internet-based single point of access
  • Seven-year image archive online 24/7
  • Member access to check images through a link in mobile banking, internet banking and e-statements
  • Reject re-entry and repair of damaged share drafts before the credit union’s posting file is transmitted
  • Duplicate item detection is performed at the file and item level to reduce the risk of a credit union member paying for an item more than once
  • Estimated settlement reports help your credit union by providing an advance view into the number and amount of items received throughout the day
  • Corporate One performs adjustments resolution on the credit union’s behalf, with next-business day credit/debit to the credit unions account
  • Adjustments request can be submitted and tracked online
  • Reject re-entry and repair of damaged share drafts before the credit union’s posting file is transmitted
  • Submit and receive transmission files
  • Image files may be downloaded by secure FTP
  • Using our web-based account management system, your credit union can:
    • Monitor daily settlement of share draft clearings, returns and adjustments
    • View electronic images of items
    • Process returns and adjustments manually or using host files
    • View the daily cleared item report for business drafts

Now you have a convenient way to issue and track checks directly on your Corporate One settlement accounts.


  • Detect fraudulent checks and prevent them from being paid
  • Validate paid items once entered or uploaded into TranzCapture
  • Identify any research items, including exceptions/forgeries

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