Give your members the convenience they deserve.

Effectively compete in today’s faster payments financial marketplace by offering members ACH Services.  With our integrated ACH Services platform, your credit union can support convenient ach payments solutions your members expect—everything from direct deposits to online bill pay to automatic payroll and more. And we make it easy. With ACH Services, you receive superior member service and support from accredited ACH professionals (AAP) and get free access to key resources at one of the nation’s leading payment trade associations.

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  • Ability to originate, including returns, and receive from one platform
  • An integrated ACH service offering will allow you to attract new members and grow business accounts by offering:
    • Direct deposit
    • Payroll services
    • Accounts payable services
    • Monthly bill pay
    • Collections
    • Expense reimbursement and commission
    • International payments to several countries, including Mexico and Canada with no pre testing requirements
  • Increased operating efficiencies and simplified back-office processing
  • Fraud reduction with features such as dual authentication
  • Maintain compliance with Nacha Rules
  • Free access to resources at EPCOR
  • ACH accredited, service-oriented staff
  • Free online trainings and comprehensive resource materials


  • Web-based unified payments platform, including domestic wires and real-time corporate payments for your credit union, does not require software installation
  • Various transmission methods available for transactions, either via the internet or direct file
  • Readily supports Same Day ACH processing
  • User-friendly functionality allows you to submit exception items, such as notifications of change or returns
  • A complete reporting menu offers a full complement of daily, monthly and ad hoc reports for record keeping, risk mitigation, cash management and marketing purposes
  • Comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery programs
  • Enabled so originators can process international ACH transactions

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