Delight your members with rewards-based checking.

The subscription-buying model is the fastest-growing and most-popular way consumers are buying products. If your credit union desires better checking account products that grow and retain membership, look no further than this rewards-based checking solution that offers mobile-first rewards.

Enhanced checking products and innovative digital user experiences offer greater appeal to today’s members’ needs by offering benefits members want and need in their everyday lives, such as:

Cell phone insurance | Fuel and local merchant discounts | Roadside assistance and more

With BaZing, your credit union can offer members a diverse suite of digital rewards and embedded fintech solutions through subscription, fee-based products conveniently provided through a fully customizable, mobile rewards app.

Increase the profitability of your retail checking lineup.

Generate recurring, member-friendly fee income, boost revenue-generating banking behaviors, and attract multiple demographics, especially millennials and value-based members.

Deepened member relationships.

Offer members a diverse suite of digital rewards and embedded fintech solutions that are market-proven to be more engaging than the status quo.

Customize your revenue strategy through data analysis.

Receive a comprehensive overview of your credit union's current checking-account segments, learn who your primary members are and implement an actionable strategy to optimize checking product's performance.


Data collection and householding

Spending, saving, and borrowing information is collected from various back-end systems. This data is correlated to create a representation of member usage patterns.



Member patterns are segmented according to credit union requirements. Solutions are recommended along with estimated financial results.


Action plan

Checking account product structure is defined, and recommendation is provided for overall credit union approval. A customer communication plan is then built to help educate and incentivize members to take advantage of the value-added checking benefits.

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