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Our Promise to Our Members

Corporate One provides high-quality financial solutions – delivered by friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable people – to our credit union members in a safe and sound manner.

About Us

Seven Cooperative Principles

The credit union movement recently adopted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as the eighth shared cooperative principle, and supports credit unions continuing to take responsibility for and a leadership role in building and serving more diverse, equitable and inclusive communities. Though not yet included in this video, DEI is an important principle also embraced by Corporate One and its staff.

Corporate One Federal Credit Union is a wholesale financial services provider to more than 750 credit unions nationwide. We offer a full menu of payments, investments, and funding solutions to help credit unions grow their bottom line and manage cash effectively. As a trusted and respected payments partner to credit unions for more than 70 years, Corporate One has developed innovative solutions for credit unions throughout our history, such as SimpliCD, the turnkey certificate of deposit program now marketed by corporate credit unions nationwide, and Alliance One, one of the nation’s largest non-network-specific ATM selective-surcharging groups in America. Corporate One is now enabling access to the industry’s new payment rails and creating opportunities for credit unions to take advantage of real-time payments. Corporate One also continues to nurture and grow our wholly owned CUSOs: Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services (balance sheet management), Lucro Commercial Solutions (business lending), and Sherpa Technologies (digital solutions).

Our History

Founded in 1949 as Ohio Central Credit Union, our organization was chartered as a “credit union for credit unions,” based on the traditional principles of service to members that guide all credit unions. Ohio Central served two distinctly separate groups: Ohio credit unions, receiving the services of a corporate central credit union, and natural person members. At the time, such a credit union was known as a “dual corporate central credit union.”

Beginning in the late 1970s, dual corporates began to split into two separately chartered entities, one serving individuals and one serving credit unions. In 1983, Ohio Central was split into two entities, with the natural person credit union continuing as Ohio Central Credit Union and the credit union’s credit union being founded as Ohio League Corporate Credit Union (OLCCU), a department of the Ohio Credit Union League (OCUL).

Although OLCCU had a separate board of directors, it was managed directly by the OCUL.  “Shared management” was not unheard of at the time, with nearly 40 percent of the forty corporates in 1990 sharing management with the credit union league in their state. In 1990, the OCUL and OLCCU boards decided to conduct an extensive analysis of the shared management arrangement.  This study culminated in the establishment of Corporate One Credit Union in 1991 as an independently managed corporate credit union. Corporate One converted to a federal charter in 2000.