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Our wholly owned credit union service organizations (CUSOs) were created to meet the needs of our members and yours. See how our partners make us better, so we can make your business better.

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Fintech Solutions for Credit Unions 

The rapid rise of digital-based banking has placed new demands on credit unions. Sherpa Technologies helps you meet those demands by deploying a digital platform that gives you a suite of flexible, scalable solutions. Sherpa will transform the way you do business.

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Member Business Lending

Together with Lucro’s experts, your credit union can make the most of its portfolio. Whether it's support for underwriting loans, offering a turnkey digital loan experience, or developing commercial lending policies and procedures, Lucro offers the tools and operational expertise you need to grow your business.

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Balance Sheet Advisory Services

Accolade understands the unique needs of credit unions and their leaders, and has been providing individualized investment advisory, IRR analysis, and loan analytics to credit unions since 2007. From investment advising to asset and liability management to loan analytics, Accolade helps mitigate risk and optimize your financial performance.

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