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Real-time payments offer many new benefits for consumers and financial institutions alike. Our info center examines those benefits and takes a closer look at the evolution of the payments world and how real-time payments are becoming the future of the industry. Featuring articles, webinars and infographics created by Corporate One, the U.S. Faster Payments Council, and The Clearing House, this info center will help your credit union discover more about the benefits of real-time payments and learn how to get connected to real-time payments opportunities.

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3 Ways Real-Tme Payments Benefit Your Credit Union
Corporate One Launches Real-Time Payments Solution for Member CUs
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Getting on Track on the Real-Time Payments Rail
President and CEO Melissa Ashley and ACI Worldwide CEO Thomas Warsop Discuss Partnership on CUbroadcast

During an interview on CUbroadcast, President and CEO Melissa Ashley and ACI Worldwide CEO Thomas Warsop revealed their thoughts about the strategic partnership between Corporate One and ACI Worldwide and what it means for America’s credit unions.

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Corporate One and CU*Answers Partner to Expand Real-Time Payments for Credit Unions

Corporate One and CU*Answers have partnered to expand the accessibility of real-time payments for credit unions across the nation. CU*Answers will leverage Corporate One’s Third-Party Service Provider for the RTP® network solution to establish a technical RTP connection that their credit union clients can easily leverage so they can receive real-time payments. Read more.

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Corporate One and ACI Worldwide Partner to Bring Comprehensive Immediate Payments Access to Credit Unions on Both the RTP® network and the FedNow® Service

Through the partnership, Corporate One will extend its open payment platform solution that technically connects credit unions and those in the industry to the RTP network to also connect to the FedNow Service.

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Federal Reserve: Corporate One among 57 early adopters ready to provide services when the FedNowSM Service goes live in July

The Federal Reserve announced that Corporate One is among the 57 early adopters of the FedNow Service and is prepared to provide credit unions with settlement and cash management services when the FedNow Service goes live in July.

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President and CEO Melissa Ashley Shares FedNow Insights on CUbroadcast

President and CEO Melissa Ashley recently provided insights on the highly anticipated launch of the FedNowSM Service in an interview with Michael Lawson from CUbroadcast. She also discussed the recent addition of Corporate One to the FedNow Service Provider Showcase.

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Fundamentals of the RTP® network and the FedNow Service Webinar

Get ready for a U.S. payments transformation as RTP and FedNow are on the way to becoming commonplace. Before choosing which one your credit union will participate in, you should understand the basics. What are the benefits of RTP and FedNow? What transaction types are supported on the RTP and FedNow networks? We’ll examine key features and benefits, including a high-level overview of how transactions flow, funds availability, use cases and legal framework. Walk away with an understanding of the fundamentals of these instant payment systems.

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Corporate One Featured in Federal Reserve’s FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase

Corporate One is now featured in the FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase. This online resource is designed to connect financial institutions looking to adopt and innovate upon the FedNow Service with service providers offering instant payment solutions.

Corporate One | May 2023Read More
ACI Worldwide Certified on FedNow, Integrating Corporate One on ACI Real-Time Payments Cloud

Corporate One has secured an agreement with ACI Worldwide to integrate instant payment services on FedNow via ACI’s Real-Time Payments Cloud to reach credit unions across the country.

ACI Worldwide | May 2023Read More
Immediate Payments Timeline

Corporate One has been at the forefront of the immediate payments revolution, providing credit unions with advanced payment solutions and driving industry-wide innovation.  

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Get ready for the FedNowSM Service Video

People and businesses want to be able to send and receive money with a single click. According to a recent Federal Reserve survey, two-thirds of consumers and three out of four businesses believe their bank or credit union must offer faster payments.

FedNow | April 2023Watch Now
Exploring the benefits of instant payments: A primer

Instant payments have several characteristics that make them attractive in the digital economy.

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