Immediate payment solutions in seconds

Corporate One has the knowledge, expertise and technical capabilities to support credit unions transitioning from faster to immediate payments. Our solutions are made for credit unions by credit unions to help your credit union seize the power of immediate payments.

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Connect Fast

  • Establish an immediate payments connection with your credit union through our simplified API that can be integrated into numerous products and services.

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24/7/365 Settlement and Cash Management

  • We can support credit unions participating on either immediate payments rails with solutions that help alleviate the monitoring of transactions and funding positions that could be burdensome for credit unions to do on their own.

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Send payments

  • Take advantage of our solutions that allow credit unions to experience the many benefits of immediate payments.

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Why real-time payments?

Volume continues to rise quarter over quarter.

The Clearing House -

Most consumers now have access to real-time payments.

Financial Institutions

The Clearing House -

Consumers are eager for real-time payments and expect financial institutions to offer them.

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Real-Time Payments Tracker, December 2021, 

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“Corporate One has a great reputation for being a valued partner to its 800 members. We are excited that Corporate One is joining the real-time payments revolution."

Steve Ledford
SVP of Product Strategy and Development, The Clearing House