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Making immediate payments connections possible for your credit union

Real-time payment transaction volumes have soared in recent years. Consumers are demanding it, and financial institutions are responding by embracing immediate payments to do business more effectively and remain competitive in the digital payments marketplace. Corporate One can establish an immediate payments connection with your credit union through a simplified API that can be integrated into various products and services. As a certified Third-Party Service Provider (TPSP) for The Clearing House, we can connect you to the RTP® network now, and, as a FedNow® Service participant, we are developing the capabilities to add that connection by early 2024.


Third-Party Service Provider for the RTP® network

As a certified TPSP for the RTP network, Corporate One uses an open payment platform to technically connect credit unions to the network so they can receive and send real-time payments without being limited in their payment messages and integration services. Our open framework offers credit unions optimum flexibility to develop the experiences they want and future proofs payments modernization efforts by being able to support and extend to different payment networks in the future, such as the FedNow Service.

  • Enables RTP access for your credit union.

  • Open, core-independent connection.

  • Choice and autonomy to integrate RTP into the front-end experiences you want using the providers of your choice without limitations of legacy tech or partners.

  • Freedom to grow at your own pace as we support all RTP profiles and can grow with your credit union when it’s right for you (from receive-only to send, etc.).

  • Positions your credit union to meet member expectations, generate additional revenue streams, and remain competitive.

  • Real-time notifications via email/text messaging for specific message types.

  • Admin console access allows your credit union to view and manage its RTP network activity.

  • Implementation and onboarding support through The Clearing House (TCH), RTP network operator.

  • Professional services available to help your credit union integrate RTP messaging with front-end solutions.


Service Provider for the FedNow® Service

As a FedNow Service participant, we are developing the capabilities to extend our open-payment platform connection. Corporate One will have these capabilities available to credit unions that want to connect to the FedNow Service in the future.

Service Available Soon

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