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Corporate One offers members asset/liability management and investment advisory expertise through Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services, a CUSO wholly owned by the corporate. Accolade helps credit unions nationwide optimize their return on assets (ROA) while managing their risk profile. They do this by providing asset/liability management tools and investment advisory solutions to credit unions both large and small, with varying balance sheet complexities. Accolade leverages the infrastructure and expertise of Corporate One with their expert team serving as an extension of your credit union’s staff.

Investment Advisory

As an SEC–registered investment adviser, Accolade oversees the credit union’s portfolio, including investment analysis and trade execution, without any upfront investment. Accolade acts as a credit union’s back office investment advisor, providing resources and experience to maximize income from the investment portfolio, while minimizing risk. In support of these services, Accolade also offers asset liability management services, investment accounting, security safekeeping, regulatory and board reporting, and policy development. As an investment adviser, Accolade has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the client’s best interest. Accolade is not affiliated with a broker/dealer, which means truly unbiased investment advice.

For more information about Investment Advisory, please contact Peter Gibson, Director of Investment Advisory.

ALM Advisory

Accolade helps credit unions develop a sound Asset/Liability Management (ALM) program that enables them to maximize their financial performance while managing their interest rate risk (IRR). In addition to sound ALM practices, recent regulatory guidance put forth by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), many credit unions are now required to implement an IRR policy as part of their ALM program. This is where Accolade steps in. We provide cost effective custom analysis, strategies, reporting and other tools to help credit unions manage its ALM program with limited demands of time and expertise of its staff.

Accolade offers two levels of service, ALMonitor and corpAnalytics. ALMonitor is geared for credit unions with a less complex balance sheet while corpAnalytics caters to credit unions with higher concentration of long-term assets or rate-sensitive deposits.

For more information about ALM Advisory, please contact Aaron Rouse, Director of ALM Services.

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