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Our Knowledge Center is your one-stop-shop for Corporate One’s educational offerings. Whether you want to become more proficient on the products and services most relevant to your daily job duties or just keep abreast of our industry’s hot topics and trends, you’ve come to the right place. Within the Knowledge Center you will find our Learning Library as well as our Product Training.

Learning Library

Now you can easily access Corporate One’s educational content in one convenient place. The Learning Library is a user friendly, comprehensive repository of content that keeps you informed and streamlines access to relevant and timely topics and trends. Get a quick and easy view of available content by topic to enhance your knowledge and proficiency on industry trends and changing regulations. Content is easily accessed 24/7/365 through any digital device via Corporate One’s website. learning library banner

Product Training

Here you will find all of Corporate One’s on-demand training webinars related to the products and services we offer. These training webinars are designed to help you become more proficient on the products and services most applicable to your daily job duties.
Click here to access our product training through Members Only; if you do not have access to Members Only fill out the webinar request form below.

Available Webinars:

Same Day ACH
  • New Same Day ACH Window
  • New Rules for Same Day ACH
  • Making ACH Profitable with Same Day ACH
Branch Capture
  • Remote Deposit Capture User Training
  • Remote Deposit Capture Settings Manager Training
  • Branch Capture Scanning: Best Practices and Maintenance
  • Tips for Branch Capture
  • Share Draft Training
  • Tips for Share Draft Processing
  • Deposit Return Services User Training
Credit Union Investments
  • Public Fund Deposits and Your Credit Union
  • Investments 101
  • Accounting for Debt Securities
OneWire - Global
  • Getting Started
  • ezPay+
  • Beneficiaries
  • Tools
ACH: How to get started as an ODFI
  • ODFI Rules & Responsibilities
  • ODFI Risk & Risk Mitigation
  • ODFI Policies and Procedures
  • ODFI Contracts and Agreements
File Transfer
  • File Transfer Training
OneWire Domestic
  • OneWire Domestic Overview
  • OneWire Domestic User Training
  • Introduction to Member$mart
MyCorp1 Manager
  • MyCorp1 Manager - Getting Started
  • MyCorp1 Manager - Authorized Signer
  • MyCorp1 Manager - Product Administrator
Securities and Safekeeping
  • Corporate One Safekeeping

Webinar Request Form

For members that do not have access to Members Only, you may request trainings by completing this form. Once your request is received, we’ll verify your membership to Corporate One and return the training links to you via e-mail within three business days.

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