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Recent News

03/27/2020 - Corporate One released its 2019 audited financials and footnotes. With 2019 earnings of $13.4 million, Corporate One issued its highest PCC dividend payout to members in its more than 70-year history of $4.3 million.  Members earned 40 percent more than in 2018. View Corporate One’s 2019 Audited Financials and Footnotes.

03/25/2020 - Our training webinars are designed to help staff become more proficient on the products and services most applicable to their daily job duties. Read more.

03/19/2020 - As a co-owner of the CUSO eDOC Innovations, Corporate One would like to share the news that now through September 30, eDOC is offering a subscription to its basic level eDOCSignature package free of charge for all credit unions not currently utilizing the platform. To learn more, please contact your Corporate One Member Relationship Executive, read eDOC's announcement, or visit eDOC's website.

03/19/2020 - Credit union staff must be cognizant of the fact that BEC scammers may be targeting their inboxes next. Read more.

03/18/2020 - Corporate One takes seriously its ability to support its members during these unprecedented times. Corporate One activated a key component of our Pandemic Plan this week and now most staff are working from home. We are successfully serving members and are well-prepared to continue operations without any anticipated disruption in services. Read more.

03/18/2020 - As market unrest from COVID-19 continues, the Federal Reserve has and is continuing to act in an effort to support those most impacted by the numerous shutdowns taking place. We’ve seen dramatic changes in rates and fiscal policy since our March 6 update, and we want to continue to reassure Corporate One’s members we have significant cash and stand ready and willing to lend to any member credit union experiencing strains in liquidity. We are structuring attractive short-term loan specials to help you navigate during these turbulent times and will be making those available later today, March 18. Read full commentary.

03/13/2020 - Corporate One continues to respond to impacts of COVID-19. We remain well positioned to provide consistent, critical service levels to our members as we work together to deal with the impacts of this virus. Read more. Read more.

03/12/2020 - Learn about the first change going into effect to ensure your institution and account holders are prepared. Read more.

03/06/2020 - On March 6, we woke to global markets in crisis mode as fears of a worsening Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to cause a frenzy. Given the market volatility, we wanted to assure you Corporate One’s investment portfolio and liquidity position remain strong and we stand ready to provide your credit union with liquidity and/or assist you with any investment needs you may have during these times of uncertainty. We will continue to provide periodic commentary on the situation for our members as the need arises, and encourage any member who has concerns over market volatility to contact us. Read full commentary.

03/06/2020 - Payigy is the first payments solution developed by Sherpa Technologies as a result of its Innovation Council collaboration. Read more.

03/04/2020 - As part of Corporate One's Business Continuity Plan, we also have a formal Pandemic Plan in place to ensure our organization is positioned to provide consistent, critical service levels to our member credit unions should the need arise. Read more.

2/19/2020 - The magazine published interviews with Corporate One’s VP, Senior Risk Manager and Chapter Co-chair, Jenny Morrison, and other award winners from its 18th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference last year. Read more.

2/11/2020 - It's more important than ever for credit unions to have advanced identity verification technology solutions that strengthen and protect members’ identities and your institution. Read more.

2/05/2020 - CUNA's insightful report outlines the “Top 10 Trends” for credit unions for the upcoming year, and many of Corporate One’s efforts identified for 2020 are in direct response to these trends. Read more.

1/21/2020 - FinCEN is making a concerted effort to provide more feedback to BSA/AML compliance professionals about their SAR filings and how to improve the data included within them. Read more.

1/13/2020 - It continues to be a pleasure to serve our members and credit unions nationwide with premier investment and funding solutions. Read more.

1/6/2020 - The ongoing support of our members helped us achieve another year of strong financial growth while also providing critical funding, settlement, payment, and digital solutions. Read more.

12/30/2019 - If you are seeking guidance on the development of a holistic payments transformation strategy that includes real-time payments, you’re invited to watch a brand-new on-demand webinar hosted by Keith Riddle, president and CEO of Sherpa Technologies, and Greg Lloyd, senior director, Financial Services & Payments, of Levvel, LLC. Read more.

12/23/2019 -Corporate One continues to provide enhancements to the Investment & Funding Dashboard, a digital experience that helps members more easily understand and manage their cash at Corporate One. Read more.

02/05/2020 - CUNA's insightful report outlines the “Top 10 Trends” for credit unions for the upcoming year, and many of Corporate One’s efforts identified for 2020 are in direct response to these trends. Read more.

12/11/2019 - Current technology presents a pivotal opportunity for the payments industry to modernize the nation's payment system. Read more.

12/5/2019 - This month's article has a few suggestions on how to find greater job satisfaction and become more productive and efficient in the workplace. Read more.

11/26/2019 - This live webinar will feature guest speaker Jordan van Rijn, CUNA’s Senior Economist. Register Now.

11/20/2019 - Hilary A. Eisbrenner, senior vice president and chief financial officer at Space Coast Credit Union in Melbourne, Florida, has been appointed to Corporate One Federal Credit Union’s board of directors. Read More.

11/19/2019 - Not only is organ trafficking illegal, but it leaves the financial industry exposed as unwilling participants in a black-market business where low supply meets an even higher demand. Read More.

11/12/2019 - CECL is in the headlines again due to a proposed delay in the effective date. Read More.

11/04/2019 - Now through November 7, the Federal Reserve is accepting comments on its proposed FedNow service. Read More.

10/30/2019 - The eight startups will take part in a showcase event as part of SherpaFUSE 2019, Sherpa Technologies' annual credit union conference, taking place November 4-6 in Tampa, Florida. Read more.

10/29/2019 - Corporate One was thrilled to join forces with our league partners – the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates, the Indiana Credit Union League, and the Ohio Credit Union League – for our ongoing series of summer/fall brewery events. Read more.

10/22/2019 - RegTech,” which is the management of regulatory processes in the financial industry through technology, is a new movement revolutionizing the way financial institutions comply with BSA/AML regulations and detect and report money laundering. Read more.

10/15/2019 - In 2017, Corporate One became a founding sponsor of the newly created Central Ohio ACAMS Chapter. After just two years, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) has awarded the Central Ohio Chapter with the 2019 Chapter of the Year award. Read more.

10/9/2019 - Congratulations to our CUSO for winning "Best User Experience" at the OutSystems NextStep Conference. Read more.

10/8/2019 - Review details about the Fed’s decision and future market predictions, as well as how your credit union can position your investment portfolio despite rate expectations. Read more.