We've transformed digital payments for loans with Payigy.

Payigy offers your credit union a new way of doing business and collecting loans from your members. One that is simple, meets digital expectations, offers choice and a channel through which your credit union can start a conversation and more deeply engage with members.

Payigy is a dynamic and omni-channel digital payments platform with a biller-direct user experience designed to help your credit union gain greater payment consistency and establish stronger relationships with your members.

Evolve engagement with your members. Streamline your business.

Payigy is everything the coupon booklet is not. Conveniently accessed through a link on your credit union website, Payigy offers lending members an easy, yet robust digital experience to make loan payments, offering flexible payment options (including recurring payments) and the ability to view loan details, take advantage of credit union offers and communicate directly with your credit union.

An efficient back-office admin portal streamlines support so your staff can service loans through quick access to loan details and history, invite new and/or disable existing borrowers, configure the system to align with credit union branding and payment requirements, communicate directly with borrowers through direct message and manage targeted outreach via the marketing carousel.



Eliminate costs associated with processing checks and payments through third-party payment providers and printing coupon booklets.



Platform features enable two-way messaging for personal engagement and the ability to share targeted specials and credit union news with members.



Omni-channel and optimized for mobile, members can select preferred payments options, set alerts and manage their profiles. The admin portal ensures your credit union can effectively support and engage with members, and manage the platform according to your branding and payment requirements.

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