In the on-demand version of our recent live webinar, “CU Corporate RTP®: Empowering Your Credit Union with Real-Time Payment Capabilities,” you’ll learn how our newest payments solution can harness the power of immediate payments for your credit union. The webinar includes a demo of how your credit union can easily send immediate payments through The Clearing House’s RTP® network on behalf of your organization (no member payments) without the need to enroll as a network participant.  And it’s all done conveniently from our integrated payment platform that also includes ACH Services and OneWire Domestic.

Corporate One is the only corporate credit union offering a solution that allows credit unions to quickly modernize payment capabilities by participating in the country’s newest payment rail. Now is the right time for real-time payments, and we’ve made it easy with CU Corporate RTP. This new, low-cost way for your credit union to do business will help you gain valuable experience with the RTP network.

Hosted by Corporate One’s Senior Member Engagement and Education Specialist Matt Murray and Products Manager Crystal Wittine.

On-demand webinar: CU Corporate Payments on the RTP network

Duration: 30 minutes

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