The economy at the end of 2022 looks very different than it did at the same time last year. Interest rates keep rising. Inflation remains high. U.S. payrolls rose slightly. Unemployment is at 3.7%. And the economy grew by 2.9 percent during the last quarter. What does it all mean for your credit union? And are we headed for a recession in 2023?

To discuss what we’ve seen and where we might be headed, tune in to this quarter’s economic update on-demand with our Chief Investment Officer Bob Post. Bob discusses the following topics in this webinar:

  • Results of the Federal Open Market Committee’s last meeting of the year
  • Yield curve observations
  • Key economic data and outlook
    1. Employment
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Home sales
  • Retail sales
    1. Inflation
    2. GDP
  • 2023 Outlook
  • Quarterly Rate Forecast

Fourth Quarter Economic Update Webinar

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