Corporate One has many exciting initiatives underway, and we’re about to launch one of them this spring: a new and enhanced Member$MART, our web-based account management system. Now called “Member$MART+” (the “+” symbol is pronounced as “plus” ), we’re excited to offer a premier cash and treasury management tool that provides a single, unified experience for our members to manage their money.

Why enhance Member$MART?

Our Member Digital Experience (MDE) department regularly works with members and solicits their feedback to understand members’ overall goals and challenges and how they use our products. For the past 2 years, MDE has been working directly with our members to understand how Member$MART is currently used. Usability testing, which is a popular and effective user-experience research methodology for testing how easy or difficult it is for users to perform key tasks, was conducted with numerous members. Based on their feedback, MDE uncovered several opportunities to improve Member$MART’s design and usability. As a result, one of the biggest enhancements includes the merging of our Investment and Funding dashboard within Member$MART to create a unique product where members can diversify their investment and funding portfolios while also managing their Corporate One accounts.

What are the main benefits of the new Member$MART+?

  • More modern and easy-to-use interface makes navigation a breeze.
  • Mobile-friendly design optimizes the use of the platform on any digital device.
  • Important information displayed upon login, such as balance-sheet view of accounts and maturing items, helps users understand their current cash position and manage funds throughout the day.
  • Robust transaction searching allows for faster data gathering.
  • Enhanced download capabilities obtain clean-looking records, data, and files to help automate some of the downstream activities your data is used for.
  • Easy- to-use “transfer wizard” helps move money between accounts or pay back loans.

What is required to start using Member$MART+?

Nothing at all! In the spring, existing Member$MART users will be automatically entered into the new Member$MART+ platform upon rollout. And because the system is easy to use and similar to the platform today, no training is needed. All you really need to get started is an HTML5-compliant browser.

What happens to the current version of Member$MART?

Corporate One will be sunsetting the current version of Member$MART in the fourth quarter of 2022, which allows credit unions to fully adapt the new Member$MART+ at their own pace. Members will have one place in MyCorp1 Manager, our online user-management hub, to manage users for both versions of the platform.

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