Dear Members:

A new year is underway, and at Corporate One, we are looking forward to harnessing our opportunities to innovate and launch new solutions to prepare our member credit unions for success in 2023 and beyond. Earlier this year, during our Connection Day in Jacksonville, Florida, our employees and I gathered to reconnect in person, exchange ideas, and rally around the unveiling of our 2023 Strategic Plan. In recent years, we have made investments in both our products and people that are critical to our organization’s success and, most importantly, for the success of credit unions. I am delighted with our progress in 2022, but we are by no means ready to relax our efforts during the next year. 

In 2023, I am excited to maintain our momentum as leaders in five business areas: enhanced payment solutions; business development; member experience; operational excellence and employee success; and sustainability through a secure IT posture and financial stabilityOver the next 11 months, we will continue transforming these priorities into real results for our members. 

Here are just a few of the strategic initiatives that will launch in 2023 to serve you better: 

  • As a pilot organization of the upcoming FedNowSM Service, Corporate One anticipates also becoming a participant on this new instant payments rail. Already poised to be a settlement solution provider, we are hard at work developing other solution offerings like what we have on The Clearing House’s RTP® network. 
  • We are looking forward to officially launching a new service that allows credit unions to make real-time corporate payments on the RTP® network. One of the most exciting things about this new service is that our members will be able to use it for their credit union payments without having to be a participant. 
  • Hardening our infrastructure and investing in increased safety and security for your accounts continues to be a high priority this year. We know fraud is an ongoing and ever-increasing issue, and we will continue to enhance our security posture to make member account access as secure as possible. 
  • Remaining a valuable partner to credit unions is foundational to our success. Our Member Success Team will continue their robust outreach to consult with members and stay in touch on how things are going, how we can help you with any challenges or opportunities you’re facing and help you meet your members’ expectations as their financial partner.
  • Finally, at the heart of it all, Corporate One is a wholesale financial institution managing the excess liquidity you entrust with us or providing liquidity when you need it. We know the economy has been volatile, and we actively manage our balance sheet to ensure we can always support your investment and liquidity needs. As on the correspondent side of the business, our investment team is here for consultation about how we can help you manage your cash and/or access liquidity.

The upcoming year will be an exciting time for Corporate One and our members. We are perfectly positioned to help our members evolve their payments infrastructure and continue to grow a thriving cooperative that fosters collaboration and drives innovation. Our strategic plan is ambitious, but our team is ready for the challenge. By working together to achieve our goals, we continue to work toward our mission of elevating and empowering our member credit unions to drive the financial success of their members.


Melissa Ashley

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