If you haven’t yet checked out SimpliCD Online, now is the time. Several enhancements have been made recently to this online trading platform, which already offers easy, convenient access to trading, streamlines the trading process, and customizes data based on your credit union’s investment portfolio. The latest enhancements are designed to give investors more tools to take advantage of the best rates possible and make informed decisions about their portfolios.

Here’s a brief review of the newest features at your fingertips:

In-app and push notifications for new rates

Users can now receive timely notifications the moment new rates are added to SimpliCD even if they are not logged into the platform. Users can also purchase directly from the notification, seizing the moment to purchase limited rates before they sell out.

Customized rate notifications

Users now have access to custom rate notifications by an in-app notification, a push notification, or by email. Whether a user is only interested in a specific term this month or wants to zero in on specific rates, now they can easily set the notifications to any criteria they like and have those settings expire when they choose.

Rollover rate notifications

Users can receive notifications via the app or a push notification when a rollover rate is available and when the rollover rate will expire. The rate will also show up on the user’s rate runs as a rollover rate available for purchase and, depending on the rate, could show up on the user’s home page.

Getting started with SimpliCD Online

SimpliCD Online is available to all SimpliCD account holders with Members Only access, Corporate One’s online member portal. SimpliCD Online is also single sign-on, which means that once your credit union’s authorized users sign into Members Only, they will be able to access the SimpliCD platform without logging in to an additional system. For more information on this process and to access our training materials, please contact your senior investment services representative at 800/366-2677.

Jeff Duesler
Senior Investment Services Representative

SimpliCD Online “saves time and effort”

“One of the benefits of the online SimpliCD program is that it is self-directed, which is extremely important with us being located in a different time zone. I can easily see what is available, make my own customized selections for terms, and then make the purchase without having to connect directly with investment staff either via email or phone. The confirms are easily and immediately downloadable and saved into our internal files, which saves time and effort.”

Renee Nelson, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, First Community Credit Union