Does your credit union use OneWire Global for international wires? If so, we’re excited to announce we’re enhancing the product through a partnership with Currency Exchange International (CXI). The new product offers a more robust solution with several new features and benefits that will make it easier and more efficient for your credit union to create, submit, and track international wires. We invite you to sign up now to transition your credit union to this brand-new, international wires solution.

New features and benefits include the following:

  • Integration with Fiserv’s WireXchange application. With this integration, credit unions can:
    • Enter data into Fiserv’s front-end system, and the information will be sent to Corporate One for compliance screening and approval.
    • Receive real-time posting of information to the credit union’s account, including disclosures and OFAC.
  • End-to-end payment tracking with SWIFT gpi. With this new feature, your credit union can now provide end-to-end payment tracking for your members. The SWIFT Tracker, which is housed in the “cloud” and securely hosted at SWIFT, provides end-to-end visibility on the status of a payment from the moment of transaction until confirmation.
  • Corporate One can deliver BSA reports via .sftp to Verafin, Banker's ToolBox and Patriot Officer.
  • Foreign check processing with image capture capabilities for Canadian checks.
  • In addition, CXI is working with Corporate One to deliver additional core vendor integration and real-time BSA reviews.

We will be reaching out to all members currently using the wire solution over the summer; however, we also welcome interested credit unions to contact Corporate One if you want to get started sooner. We hope to have all members using OneWire Global through CXI by December 31, 2021.

To transition to CXI at a time most convenient for your credit union, please contact your Member Success Manager directly or email to request assistance.