Charitable giving is important to individuals in every community, as evidenced by record-breaking giving in recent years. According to a report by Giving USA, during the tumultuous events of the last several years, charitable giving has hit an all-time high of $471.44 billion in 2020. Nearly 70% of tax-paying Americans claim charitable giving deductions on their taxes. Combine this with the passion that credit unions have for their communities and you have the opportunity for meaningful change. And, that’s what NetGiver is harnessing with their innovative, credit union-branded platform (online and/or app) that allows donors to make donations to the 501(c)(3) organizations of their choice simply and safely, with no fees to donors and charities.

NetGiver was among several fintech providers to demonstrate their technology to credit unions at InOHvate, the Midwest’s premiere financial technology conference hosted by Corporate One and the Ohio Credit Union League that brings together innovative fintechs, expert speakers and progressive credit union leaders. Among the six fintechs that demonstrated their experiences, NetGiver was selected as the most desirable by credit union attendees. And, here’s why:

  • Credit unions can connect with existing and potential members in their area by supporting charities that are important to their local community through this philanthropic platform (and generating deposits).
  • Nonprofits receive 100% of much needed donations. Streamlined functionality makes it easy for the credit union to match donations and maximize giving.
  • Donors donate to nonprofits for FREE, directly from their account. 

NetGiver was developed for credit unions by credit unions with a focus on supporting members and the community in which they share. Credit unions exist to help people, and NetGiver is one of the many ways that credit unions continue to find innovative ways to serve their members as well as philanthropic organizations and worthwhile causes. Aligning credit union giving with donor and credit union members’ values not only helps the greater community, but it also fosters greater member loyalty and engagement. It has the potential to drive new membership, and it connects credit unions to an often-overlooked aspect of members’ financial activity.

NetGiver facilitates powerful philanthropic relationships with impact that drive growth for credit unions, nonprofits, and communities. Learn more here.