Our world today is all about on-demand speed and convenience. It’s true for dining, shopping, entertainment, and even banking. Real-time payments mean you can exchange funds between consumers and/or businesses in less than 15 seconds and the funds are certified, final, immediately available, and instantly settled.

What do real-time payments mean for your credit union? They can help grow revenue; remain competitive; and address current gaps in data, security, and availability.

What’s at risk if you don’t offer immediate payments? Membership loss, declining market share, impact to business partners.

Real-time payments run on a whole new rail, and we’ve got your ticket to get onboard. Our complimentary Real-Time Payments Web Series breaks down what can be a complex topic into two parts to offer an overview, key knowledge points, and an action plan for how to start your immediate payments journey in a way that is easy and manageable. 

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