Whether it’s chapter meetings, league conventions, workshops, manager association meetings, staff trainings, or other credit union functions, Corporate One staff are available to speak on a variety of hot topics and issues facing your credit union today. Each topic is appropriately designed for all levels of employees, including C-level executives and board volunteers. 

Credit Union Investments: Investing in a Rising Rate Environment 

Presented by Accolade, our asset/liability advisory CUSO, this session provides an overview of permissible investments for credit unions, including key characteristics, risks, and how to properly analyze investment options. We will also examine the current interest rate environment and discuss how to formulate an effective investment strategy for your credit union, given the rate outlook and credit union-specific balance sheet trends. This session benefits credit union financial executives and those interested in investment strategies for credit unions. 

History of the Credit Union Movement 

The credit union industry serves more than 115 million Americans, providing financial services to improve the lives of people and the communities where they live. This philosophy, which drives the mission of credit unions across the country, is rooted in the cooperative business philosophy. This session explores the roots of the cooperative movement and how it flourished into the credit union movement we know today. Along the way, we will highlight impactful moments that formed the credit union industry and discuss forces influencing us as we move into the future. 

What You Need to Know Now about Immediate Payments 

Nearly a third of consumers say that access to immediate payments is a factor in choosing their financial institution. If you haven’t already made immediate payments a strategic initiative, now is the time to get on board before your members start heading for the door. We know immediate payments can seem daunting, so we’re here to help. We’ll share the essentials of immediate payments, the benefits they offer, and how they are currently being used.  

Implementing RTP® from a Credit Union’s Perspective 

As the momentum behind real-time payments continues to skyrocket, it’s time to learn how your credit union can take advantage of the opportunities offered by this payment method. It all starts with connecting to one or both immediate payment rails—the RTP® network and/or the FedNow® Service. Join us to hear how one credit union connected to the RTP network using Corporate One as its Third-Party Service Provider (TPSP). During this session, we will chat about the implementation process for the RTP network and FedNow Service, as well as lessons learned along with current and future immediate payments use cases. 

For more information, contact Addison Kelley, our Corporate Events Manager, at events@corporateone.coop or 614/825-9364.