Current geopolitical events have increased the likelihood of cyberattacks with financial institutions and all credit unions, regardless of size, are vulnerable. Credit union leadership should be aware of these risks and ensure they take steps necessary, including educating staff and members, to reduce the likelihood and impact of a potentially damaging compromise.

Today’s bad actors are tricky. Their work includes phishing emails that target credit unions and members.  Often, the attempts sent by fraudsters uses an email address that very closely resembles one of a trusted partner. If you hover your mouse over the sender’s email address, you might actually see a different name. It is always in your best interest to verify the “sender” address before clicking on any link within an email. If you are ever unsure about an email or the request it is asking, call the organization to confirm before clicking any link or typing any password. 

In any email you receive from Corporate One, please know we will never solicit information from you or request your username, password, or security challenge questions. If you’re unsure about a Corporate One email or what’s being asked of you, please call our Member Experience Team at 866/MyCorp1.

To learn more about common indicators of phishing attempts along with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim, read the NCUA's recent risk alert here.