Dear Members:

Change is an inevitable part of life, and as we journey through the ebbs and flows of our corporate landscape, we must also acknowledge and embrace the transitions that come our way. To that end, with a blend of nostalgia and anticipation, I announce the retirement of Corporate One’s esteemed board chair for the past six years, Lee Powell, and the appointment of our new board chair, Bob Burrow. 

With special thanks and a fond farewell

Early in his tenure as chair of Corporate One’s Board of Directors, Lee oversaw several big transitions, including the introduction of me as the new CEO in 2018 due to the retirement of our previous longtime CEO. In addition, Lee helped Corporate One navigate all the challenges that arose in keeping people safe during the pandemic and the ballooning balance sheet due to the influx of deposits and interest rates being cut to almost zero. His guidance continued in the subsequent years, seeing us through the fastest tightening cycle by the Federal Open Market Committee in four decades and the rapid rise in credit union loan-to-share ratios. His steady hand during these volatile times has been key to our financial strength. Along with navigating a volatile economy, Lee oversaw Corporate One’s development of extensive education and a full suite of immediate payment solutions for credit unions of all sizes. 

Personally, I have appreciated Lee’s support and guidance throughout my first five-and-a-half years as CEO and President. He has been a wonderful sounding board to help me navigate challenging decisions, and his years of experience allowed him to provide solid advice on any problem. Thank you, Lee. I wish you a happy and healthy retirement. 

With great enthusiasm for the next chapter  

Bob Burrow, President/CEO at Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union since 1994, was appointed the new board chair at our Annual Meeting on April 25. Bob is no stranger to Corporate One; he has served on Corporate One’s Board of Directors as vice chair and member since 2009 and has a wealth of experience, dedication, and passion for serving our members. I am excited to collaborate with Bob to continue advancing our mission and serving you, our valued members, with distinction.   



Melissa Ashley