You have questions about immediate payments? We have answers. 

Is your credit union one of the 90% of banks and credit unions1 that plan to add new payment services over the next two years? Is your credit union ready to join the RTP® network or FedNow® Service but grappling with questions and uncertainties? 

Get answers to your questions in an on-demand webinar, "Your Top Questions on Immediate Payments Answered. In this informative one-hour webinar, Christine Mayes, EVP, Chief Member Engagement Officer, and Toby Thomas, VP, Product Market Strategist, tackle your most pressing questions regarding immediate payments. 

Christine and Toby, two of the leading payments experts in the industry, discuss the ins and outs of immediate payments and address concerns about: 

  • Risk 

  • Fraud 

  • Operations 

  • Which network best suits your credit union's needs 

Seize this opportunity to gain clarity and confidence in navigating the world of immediate payments.  

 1(Jack Henry Strategic Priorities Benchmark Study) 

Your Top Questions on Immediate Payments Answered

Although 70% of the demand deposit accounts in the U.S. have access to the RTP network, many financial institutions are still testing the waters. Get answers  to your pressing questions on risk, fraud, operations, and which network you should choose. 

Length: 1 hour

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