There’s a faster, simpler way to manage your commercial loan participations.  

Loan Split, a newly launched platform from Corporate One’s CUSO, Lucro Commercial Solutions, streamlines the entire loan participation process, saving your credit union time and frustration.  

You’re invited to learn everything this innovative platform can do in a live, on-demand demo: “Introducing Loan Split: Automating the Facilitation of Your Commercial Loan Participations.”

What does Loan Split offer? 

  • Effortless workflow: The user-friendly portal with templates and document management streamlines buying and selling loans. Plus, it’s free to join the platform. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Enjoy competitive pricing with unlimited use and no long-term commitments. 
  • Expanded networking: Reach a wider pool of credit unions for loan purchases and sales, geographically diversifying your portfolio. 
  • Tailored control: Customize your loan distribution and manage your balance sheet to meet your specific needs. 
  • Expert guidance: Lucro’s experienced team will support you throughout the process. 

Watch the demo now to see it in action. 


Introducing Loan Split: Helping you automate the facilitation of your commercial loan participations

Watch the demo