Dear Members:

As cooperatives, credit unions do amazing things all year long to help members achieve their financial dreams and provide support and growth to the communities they serve. Being part of the credit union community is inspiring. Whether it’s through speaking with our members directly, attending industry events, or just keeping up with social media, I regularly hear about the many valuable contributions you and others in our industry are making.

Much of Corporate One’s community support throughout the year is in the form of donations and sponsorships to our credit union members and their affiliates, but we also support and have supported numerous local and national organizations. All are working to make a difference and provide a wide variety of vital services in their own communities. Below is a sample of some of the organizations Corporate One has contributed to, both locally and nationally:

  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
  • World Council of Credit Unions
  • The National Credit Union Foundation, including support for the Community Investment Fund
  • African American Credit Union Coalition: Increases diversity within the credit union community through advocacy and professional development
  • The Ohio Credit Union Foundation
  • The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation
  • Mississippi Credit Union Foundation
  • Indiana Credit Union Foundation
  • Mid-Ohio Food Collective  
  • Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Program
  • And countless credit union chapters, fundraisers, and events across Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Colorado, and others.

For many of us, the cooperative nature of our industry is what makes our work worthwhile and rewarding. And given our cooperative spirit, we know that the stronger partnerships we build within our communities, the better off we all will be. As the year winds down, I encourage you to be vocal about how your credit union and staff are contributing to the cause of people helping people. We’re looking forward to all the ways we can continue our support in 2023.


Melissa Ashley

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