As business email compromise (BEC) and the sending of phishing emails by bad actors persists, we are reminding credit unions to remain on guard for suspicious email activity. In fact, recent and ongoing phishing email attempts have used Corporate One’s name, but are not being sent from us, to try and defraud credit unions. Please ensure you and your staff always check the “from” address in an email to make sure it’s from a trusted sender and do not click on any links within suspicious emails. If you receive a communication from Corporate One and you’re unsure what’s being asked of you or if the communication seems unusual, please don’t hesitate to give our Member Experience Team a call at 866/MyCorp1 and we will assist you. If you suspect your email has been compromised, our Member Experience team can help you suspend any needed user access, change email information, among other things. Please also report any fraudulent activity via the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

For additional information on BEC and prevention steps your credit union can take, we also urge you to read this recent news release from the NCUA.

Ongoing mitigation efforts to ensure your safety

Recent mitigation efforts have been made at Corporate One to help protect our credit unions from BEC. We recently disabled the Members Only self-help password reset, which enables users to reset their Members Only password via email. This step prevents bad actors who may take over your email account from re-setting your Members Only password to gain payment system and credit union account access. While disabled, users will need to contact Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1 to reset their Members Only password.

We have also begun more actively promoting our IP lockdown option with members. We highly encourage IP lockdown as it offers another layer of defense for credit unions by ensuring that only users on approved/authorized Internet connections can access payments systems via Members Only. You can easily implement IP lockdown by completing a form that you can request from us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1 should you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!