Corporate One Federal Credit Union’s President/CEO Melissa Ashley has been appointed as a member on two of The Clearing House’s (TCH) committees: the RTP Advisory Committee and the RTP Business Committee.

Members of the RTP Advisory Committee provide insights on TCH’s strategic objectives and methods in which they execute those strategic objectives throughout the year; the committee provides TCH a better understanding of credit union and community bank perspectives on achieving wide adoption of RTP nationwide. TCH’s RTP Business Committee is responsible for ensuring the success of real-time payments systems through strategic leadership, prudent risk management, and high quality, efficient operations and customer support.  

“I’m excited and honored to be serving on both of these committees as Corporate One continues to evolve our expertise as a leading, real-time payments partner for credit unions,” said Ashley. “The rapidly changing payments landscape has made it imperative for credit unions to implement RTPs to stay competitive in part because many consumers say that access to RTPs is a determining factor when choosing a financial institution. Corporate One is committed to helping credit unions modernize their payment offerings through the adoption of real-time payments solutions and strategies.”

TCH operates U.S.-based payments networks that clear and settle more than $2 trillion each day through wire, ACH, check image, and real-time payments. It is the nation’s most experienced payments company with a long track record of providing secure and reliable systems, payments innovation, and strategic thought leadership to financial institutions.

 In 2017, TCH revolutionized U.S. payments by introducing the RTP® network, which supports the immediate clearing and settlement of payments, along with the ability to exchange related payment information across the same secure channel. These RTP capabilities enable all financial institutions to offer safer, faster, and smarter digital transaction services for their corporate and retail customers.

Learn more about real-time payments, how they can benefit your credit union, and how Corporate One can help you get started. Visit our Real-time Payments Info Center.