Dear Members:

Corporate One’s ongoing mission is to be a strategic corporate partner, helping you succeed in all you do for your own members. We’ve found one of the best ways we can do that is not by guessing what you want or how we can provide value but by delivering what you want based on your own feedback. Since we’re getting ready to send out our annual membership survey to member CEOs for the eighth year in a row, I’d like to remind you that member feedback matters deeply to Corporate One. And you can see it in our results.

Our annual membership survey began in 2014 and is sent to CEOs at member organizations each fall. It leverages the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric, which is a widely adopted loyalty scoring method. Over the years, we have received meaningful feedback on what we are doing well and where we could make improvements to be a more valuable partner to you. Listening to you and acting on your feedback has helped us become a stronger partner. In fact, last year’s NPS was an all-time high for us at 78.9 and reflects a 48.6% increase over the past seven years. (For reference, this exceeds the national average for banking (34) and average trends for credit unions that are in the high 50s to mid-60s).

However, the year-over-year increase in NPS doesn’t have us resting on our laurels. Our work responding to your feedback continues, and some of the key areas that we’ve invested in to serve you better include the following:

Making it easy for you to do business with us. Eliminating paper procedures by introducing and consistently enhancing our digital management tools, such as MyCorp1 Manager, have helped streamline user management and enabled greater self-service over general account, contact, and user information. In addition, we improved our member account management system, Member$MART, to make it a single, unified experience for our members to manage their money. We’re excited about the positive feedback we’ve received for this convenient “one-stop shop” for all cash-management activities.

Providing superior support. Our staff prides itself in providing superior member service. We work hard to delight our members by investing in ongoing professional development for our Member Success, Member Experience, and Product teams, as well as providing additional customer-service training opportunities. These teams collaborate to develop comprehensive training and education for users, solve problems quickly for members when they arise, and optimize product offerings. Together, all these elements help us maintain the high-quality, responsive, expert service our members love and rely on.

Providing strong, competitive product offerings. Whether it’s making asset liability management easy, digitizing member business lending for portfolio growth, offering a turnkey and cost-effective CECL solution, or deploying real-time payment services, Corporate One and our family of CUSOs are keeping up with industry trends to help guide the kinds of products and services we need to develop and offer to fit our credit unions’ needs. For example, in just the past year, Corporate One and Sherpa launched three new product offerings to assist credit unions with the shift to real-time payments: Sherpa’s Real-Time Payment Services for connecting to the RTP® network, Corporate One’s Funding Agent Services  for easy cash management on the RTP network, and RTP receive/send capabilities for Corporate One’s account holders. We know the financial industry is ever evolving and getting more competitive day by day, and Corporate One is ready with the solutions, education, and consultation our members are looking for.

Again, I want to assure you that Corporate One remains committed to using our members’ insights to further fuel our efforts to be the best corporate partner we can be. We take seriously your input on how to strengthen our organization in meaningful, specific ways, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible experiences with our solutions, services and staff.


Melissa Ashley

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